MOSS is commissioned by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SOZ) and the Council of MOSS Members which operates within the SOZ. MOSS is currently carried out by Ipsos d.o.o.

In MOSS are participating most of the largest Slovenian websites, as well as medium and small websites. MOSS is running continuously, therefore currency data are available all the time. The MOSS currency is the monthly Slovenian reach of websites, which is published on a monthly basis on moss-soz.si/rezultati. The ranking contains following data: reach (absolute and relative), impression data and trend, the average daily reach and average daily time per visitor.

We are also delivering daily fresh big audience data, which is available in the DotMetrics web application, supported by latest technologies and is accessible through all types of devices that allow the connection to the web. In DotMetrics, real-time currency data is converted to actual users for entire websites. Data includes:

  • socio-demographics of the previous day on various devices (PCs, mobile devices, tablets, smart TVs), whereby results are not duplicated;
  • data on exclusive users of individual websites;
  • information on active time on the website;
  • user’s exposure to site content and marketing communications;
  • events on asynchronous websites that are counted in the number of impressions;
  • many other metrics that are important in media planning, and the tool will continue to be upgraded and developed with the needs of the market.

Ever since its establishment, the aim of the MOSS Project has been to collect data through a unified research methodology in order to provide online media currency, which would represent the groundwork for the evaluation of website communication activities implemented by advertisers in Slovenia. In other words, MOSS is an informational basis for online analysis and its comparison to traditional media, a reference for media buying (on Slovenian websites ) and a web strategy evaluation tool.